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4 Reasons Pet Owners Shouldn't Clean Their Own Carpets

Most pet owners in Palm Beach County absolutely adore their furry kids. They make sure that their vaccinations are current, feed them the highest quality pet foods, and ensure that they have plenty of toys to play with and a soft bed at night. Caring for pets can be costly and time-consuming however; the benefits are never ending. Those who have pets know that there can be accidents on the carpets at times. This could happen because the dog or cat wasn't feeling well, or that the pet owner got tied up at work and missed putting the pet outside. When this happens, it's unwise to try cleaning the carpets yourself.

Respiratory Problems

Many pets have very sensitive respiratory systems that can be compromised by the simplest of things. Dogs and cats can suffer from allergies, just as their humans can. Most pets are very sensitive to chemicals used to clean carpets. The next time you're at the grocery store, take a look at the cans of carpet cleaners on the shelf. Try reading the label. You probably have no clue as to what most of the ingredients are, or if they are harmful. It would be better for your pets to have a company that uses green cleaners to clean your carpets.

Hair Loss

A lot of pets have skin allergies. Naturally, these pets need to be groomed with specialized, hypo-allergenic or oatmeal shampoos. Those with grass allergies must have a gravel area to “do their business”, or use a pet box indoors. The chemicals in many store bought cleaners remain in the carpeting. Simply lying on the carpet can cause the pet to itch, and lose its coat. Hiring green carpet cleaners is much safer.

Eye Infections

Some pets like to rub their faces on the carpet when they have an itch. This is normal behavior for both dogs and cats. After you use the grocery store products for cleaning your carpets, those chemicals stay inside of the carpet. When the pet rubs its face, the chemicals can enter the eye and cause a serious infection. To prevent eye infections, only green carpet cleaners should be used in your home.

Coma and Death

The chemicals in the rug cleaners that you buy from the store can prove to be toxic to pets. Even the products that are used for rental shampooers can cause a pet to lapse into a coma and die. These harsh chemicals are very dangerous, and should be avoided at all cost to keep your pets healthy and alive. Green cleaning problems are essential to the health and well-being of your furry kids. The professionals at Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners use green carpet cleaning products to ensure the safety of your pets and the environment.