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For years, my kids have been asking for a puppy. To be honest with you, I have enough to deal with trying to manage work, the kids’ schedules and my husband’s crazy work schedule that a new puppy was not something that was in the foreseeable future. When I talked to other people, they told me that taking care of a puppy was no less time consuming than taking care of a human baby. As a person who never had a pet as a child, I was shocked that they needed so much veterinary care and socialization. To me, it’s a dog and should do its own doggy thing outside of the house. The whole idea of potty training a pet was out of the question for me. I vehemently told the family that we would not be getting a dog. As a concession, I did offer to buy the video game that had kids take care of a virtual pet. I thought this was an appropriate compromise.

Christmas morning came and my wonderful husband (I am being sarcastic) bought the children a little Golden Retriever puppy. I have to admit that the little fellow was as cute as a button, but I just didn’t have the time or the knowledge to take care of a puppy. Truly, I could have killed that man on Christmas morning and would have let the puppy bury him in the backyard. Indeed, I was that angry with him. He got to look like a hero and I get to clean up poop. That’s not my idea of a 50/50 relationship. Just saying! The first thing the puppy did when my husband put him on the carpet was pee. Of course, the kids were all over the puppy and their Dad for getting them such a great gift. I had to clean pee out of the carpet before I had my first cup of coffee. This was not my idea of a perfect Christmas morning.

Stain Removal Services in Weston

Well, the puppy peed and pooped everywhere, and nobody else would bother to clean it up. I spent more time cleaning up after the puppy than I did changing my kids’ diapers. I called the animal shelter and asked them for help. They told me to buy a crate. Off I went to the pet supply store in Weston and bought a crate and deodorizing spray for the carpet. The crate worked. The puppy stopped using the bathroom in the house, but the deodorizing spray did not work. Besides, the stains looked awful. I looked for a stain removal and pet odor removal company and called Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners. They showed up, assessed the stains and smells, and got to work. They got all of the stains and the smells out in no time flat. If it wasn’t for the great carpet cleaning job that Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners did, Comet would have had to have gone to a new home.