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Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners Saved My Oriental Rug

My home in Fort Lauderdale Florida is done in an Asian, oriental type of décor. I was an Army brat growing up and my father was stationed in a bunch of different places in Asia. I just loved the beautifully bright colors, and traditional feel of the décor in the homes we stayed in. That love stayed with me all of my life, and I decorated my Fort Lauderdale home with a lot of Asian influenced art, furniture and knick knacks. It makes me feel happy and serene after a long day at work dealing with crazy people who want something for nothing. The whole Asian theme of my Fort Lauderdale home provides me with a bit of an escape within the city in which I work and live.

Last year for my birthday, my parents bought me the most beautiful antique Oriental rug that you could even begin to imagine. The black and red seemed to pop off of the rug amid the beige background. It looked like the dragons were ready to strike anyone walking past the. The ornamental designs were so intricate that you could stare at them for weeks and still find something unique that you missed beforehand. I absolutely fell in love with the Oriental rug as soon as I saw it, and it worked beautifully inside of my Fort Lauderdale home.

Carpet Cleaners in Fort Lauderdale

My husband and I had a dinner party for the people in his office shortly after I got the rug. Everybody commented on how gorgeous the Oriental rug looks in the house. Unfortunately, some of the guests didn’t understand the value of the rug. One guest accidentally dripped grease from the appetizers onto the rug. Naturally, I didn’t notice it until the next day. I was beside myself thinking that this gorgeous Oriental rug would be stained forever. My husband called some of the designers who work with his company and asked them if anyone could fix this. They said to call the best Fort Lauderdale carpet cleaners, Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners. I called them and explained that if they killed my Oriental rug there would be all heck to pay. They weren’t daunted by my threats and showed up as scheduled. They worked their magic and my precious Oriental rug looked like new again. You have no idea how pleased and relieved I was. I knew my parents spent a lot of money on it just to please me. They’re on a fixed income and must have saved for a while to get it. The professionals at Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners saved me from being embarrassed about the stains and saved the Oriental rug that is the focal point in my Fort Lauderdale home’s living room.