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Cleaning the House for a New Baby

Welcoming a new baby into the family is a glorious thing, and certainly worthy of rejoicing about. After nine months of eating only healthy foods, furnishing the nursery and buying all of the other things that you will need for the new baby; it’s time to get the house clean for him or her. Now I’m sure you keep your West Palm Beach home neat and tidy however; a really deep down cleaning is best so your home is pristine for that little bundle of joy.

Cleaning the Tiles

Keep in mind that once the new baby arrives, and you bring him or her home from the hospital, you are bound to have people coming over to welcome the infant. Clean floors will be very important. As time goes by, dirt gets ground into the texture of the tiles. Even the weekly chore of mopping the floors doesn’t take care of the ground in dirt. When you have a tile cleaning company come to your home to polish your floors, you’ll be amazed at how different they look. Floors that you thought were tan, could very well be light beige. Once the dirt is removed, they’ll look brand new.

Shampooing the Carpets

While vacuuming the carpeting is an important part of home maintenance, it just doesn’t get the dirt that hides deep down in the carpet fibers. The carpet might look clean, but it might be pretty dirty. Grab a soft, white cloth and rub it against the carpeting. Rub it hard. Now, take a look at the cloth. More than likely, you’ll find dirt on the cloth. This dirt goes all the way through your carpet. Now, the rug shampooers that they rent at the grocery stores aren’t nearly as good as hiring a carpet cleaning company. They can even use green products to clean the carpets. Green cleaners are much healthier for your new baby.

Scrubbing the Grout

Have you ever taken a good, hard look at the grout in the kitchen and bathrooms of your home? There’s probably a lot of nastiness lurking there. Just think of how grease spatters from the pan when you’re cooking. Or, how pasta sauce bubbles and spits all over when it’s warming. All of this and more gets into the grout on your backsplash. Even though you wipe it down, and clean it up as best as you can, there are still remnants left behind in the grout. This is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Since those grout cleansers they sell at the home improvement store have harsh chemicals in them, it would be better for the health of your baby to call Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners for grout cleaning.