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My Feline Conundrum in West Palm Beach

My aunt is an elderly lady. In fact, she is 93 years old with a birthday coming up next month. Her husband passed away some 20 years ago, and they never had any children. Keeping up with Aunt Kate has always been my job. Sure, my siblings who live out of state send cards and make the occasional phone call to her however; I’m the person who ensures that she has everything she needs and her bills are taken care off on time. It hasn’t been that big of a deal, until Aunt Kate needed to spend a week in the hospital. You see, she has a cat and I am NOT an animal person.

My experience with animals is nothing more than dabbing tears when I see the SPCA commercials on TV, and picking up the phone to donate. Yes, animals shouldn’t be abused however; I really don’t want them living inside of my lovely West Palm Beach condo. Anyway, with Auntie Kate being in the hospital, I needed to bring her cat to my home. Milo is cute, but again, I’m not a pet person. I had no idea that my household would be turned upside by this tiny, little monster. I brought the litterbox, food and water dishes, scratching posts (yes, plural) and bed to my house. Aunt Kate said that this would make Milo feel more comfortable in my home. She never told me that moving a cat can confuse him and cause him to urinate and defecate wherever he thinks is an appropriate place to do so. The white carpeting in my living room had yellowish brown spots and fecal matter in a variety of places in just one night! To be brutally honest with you, I was so upset that I didn’t know what to do. The stench in my once pristine West Palm Beach condo was so overwhelming that it made me want to vomit. Of course, I picked up the piles and sopped up the liquid but that didn’t fix the problem. I called Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners in West Palm Beach to help me. They were my only hope for making my home livable again. After finding an exclusive pet resort for Milo to vacation at, the West Palm Beach carpet cleaning specialist from Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners showed up. He acted like it was business as usual and no big deal to handle this issue. He got to work cleaning my carpets straight away. I was absolutely amazed that when the carpet cleaning guy was finished that there were no smells, and no stains either! After 3 weeks, still no residual odor. Thanks to the West Palm Beach carpet cleaning specialist from Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners, I have my wonderful condo back.