My Hawaiian Punch Nightmare

I wanted to share the experience that I had with the professional carpet cleaning crew at Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners. Every week, I buy four gallon jugs of Hawaiian Punch Fruit Punch because my grandkids like it when they visit. They drink so much of the stuff that I always want to make sure that I have the drink on hand. If you’re a Grandma like me, you know how important it is to keep the grandchildren happy. There is always the competition between the maternal and paternal grandparents, and this is not a competition I would ever plan on losing.

Anyhow, I was carrying in the packages from the grocery store last week. I didn’t do anything any different than my usual routine. It seems that there must have been a new and inexperienced bagger at my Fort Lauderdale Publix store. Instead of double bagging each gallon of juice, he put two of the containers in a single plastic bag. I mean, that makes no sense at all to me. The plastic bags are flimsy to begin with, adding that much weight is surely a recipe for disaster. Truth be told, it was a disaster when I was walking through the living room of my Fort Lauderdale house to get into the kitchen to put the food away.

Broward County Carpet Cleaners

The plastic bag that held two bottles of fruit punch let loose in my living room. The plastic jugs hit the carpet hard, and one of them burst open at the seams. There was deep red Hawaiian Punch all over the carpeting of my three month old, brand new, dream home in sunny Fort Lauderdale. I was so upset, and knew that considering the amount of money that we spent to upgrade the carpeting that my husband would be really, really upset. Feeling frazzled, I jumped on the computer and found this blog about Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners in Fort Lauderdale. I liked what I read and gave them a call. I was shocked that they were able to come out that very same day! Anytime I’ve had I’ve needed carpet cleaning services elsewhere I had to make an appointment a week in advance. The carpet cleaners arrived at my Fort Lauderdale house a few minutes ahead of schedule. The cleaners took a look at my new carpeting and said “we can fix that”. I was skeptical, but they surprised the heck of me. The carpet showed no signs of the staining. My husband didn’t notice anything when he got out of work, but I did let him know what happened. Not only did Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners rescue my carpeting, but they saved us from a whole lot of stress, as well as a ton of money.