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My Kid’s Birthday Party Disaster

I must preface this by saying that the actually party for my son wasn’t a nightmare. It was the cleanup that was quite the disaster in my eyes. We had ten children over to our home in Sunrise for my 7 years old son’s birthday party. The plan was to have it outside in the backyard however; it was just my luck that we had thunder and lightning storms all day. There was no way that I could cancel his party. It would have devastated him.

This was his first “big boy” party with all of his little friends. Of course, we had to have all of the kids in the house. My husband moved my dining table into the garage. It’s teak and I certainly didn’t want anything to happen to it. We brought the outdoor tables in the house so the kids would have a place to do the crafts and eat their cake and ice cream. The kids came, and they had a blast in spite of the bad weather. Even the power flickering on and off didn’t put a damper on the fun. The other parents came and picked up the kids and we started to clean up the mess that used to be our lovely living room and dining room of the house.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Sunrise

We picked up all of the disposable cups and plates which was no small feat. My son actually helped by taking all of his new gifts into his playroom. This act was certainly outside of his normal behavior! I wiped down the outdoor furniture and my husband put it back in its rightful place on the lanai. When I grabbed the vacuum so I could pick up the crumbs off of the carpet I was mortified. There was a huge, and I mean huge purple stain on the wall to wall carpeting. I tried dabbing it up with a white cloth however; it was dry. The spill must have happened shortly after the kids arrived to our house. I also noticed that there were purple specks from where the grape juice spattered on the carpet. Immediately, I sent my husband out to the Sunrise Publix to pick up a couple of cans of foam carpet cleaner. I quickly found out that they don’t work the way they do in the TV commercials. I called Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners and they were able to come out the next day. Honestly, I didn’t think that a carpet cleaning would help but it made the carpeting look brand new. Did I mention that the carpet is very light beige? I was so thrilled with the carpet cleaners at Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners. They truly are the best carpet cleaners in Sunrise.