My Worst Nightmare Came True

Let me start by saying that my mother-in-law and I have never, ever gotten along, and even after thirty years of marriage, we still do not get along. I get that I took away her little boy but really, she needs to give it up and get over it at some point. Unfortunately, she is still a nitpicking person that will never think that I am good enough. Anyway, I was preparing for her annual visit. I thank my lucky stars that she lives seven hundred miles away. I got rid of every single cobweb in my Boca Raton home. Anything that could be dusted was dusted. I polished all of the granite, Murphy’s Oil Soaped the wood cabinets. The house looked amazing. It was so clean that you could eat off of any surface in the house. That is, until my husband showed up after work and walked inside with greasy boots on his feet.

I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when he came in and went to shower and change. When I saw the greasy footprints I was mortified. My mother-in-law was coming in two days, and I know how hard it is to get grease out of light colored carpeting. OK, so I had a bit of a conniption on my husband, but he vowed to make the carpeting perfect again. Next, I saw my husband on the floor with a bucket and a rag. He informed that he’s used Lestoil and a bit of water to get grease out of carpeting before, when he had his apartment in Boca Raton. I didn’t care what he did so long as he fixed the problem. To the contrary, the grease no looked like footprints; it looked like somebody smeared grease all over the place. I was so upset. My husband called Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners in Boca Raton, basically to prevent me from strangling him with his own greasy boot laces. They came out the next day, and told me it would be no issue getting the grease out of the carpeting. In all honesty, I was a bit skeptical but I let them do the job. After the carpet cleaning specialist finished the job, I could not see a spec of grease on my carpeting. I was completely shocked that they could do such a great job of cleaning the carpet in my Boca Raton home so quickly and effectively. I would recommend Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners in Boca Raton to every single person I know. Believe me; they are so awesome at carpet cleaning no matter how badly the carpet seems to be damaged. I am so grateful to the carpet cleaning crew for making my Boca Raton home presentable again for my overly critical mother-in-law.