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Reasons You Should Never Clean Your Own Area Rugs

Most of the homes and condos in Boca Raton have tile floors throughout them. Generally, this can make the smallest of abodes look larger, and depending upon the color of the tile flooring, much brighter too. Unfortunately, having bare tile floors can make a house have a sterile feel, instead of a comfortable and relaxing appearance. Area rugs can break up the monotony of tile floors, and make the room feel much more cozy and home-like. On the downside, cleaning area rugs really shouldn’t be a job performed by the homeowner. There are so many things that can go wrong.

Faded Colors

When you clean your area rugs yourself, you’ll need to use rug cleaning products that are laden with chemicals. These are the products that you find on the shelves of your local Publix or other grocery store. Much of the time, these chemicals are too harsh for use on brightly colored area rugs. Because they are so strong, there is a great possibility that the colors will fade.

Bigger Stains

There’s always the potential for a stain to occur when you have area rugs over your tile floors. This is especially true if you have children, or drink the occasional glass of wine in the room. Of course, if you have pets there is a greater chance of rug stains. Most grocery store rug cleaning products will lighten the stain in color, but they will also make the stain much larger.

Unravelling Fibers

Many of the traditional carpet products on the grocer’s shelves are so harsh that they can make some of the interlaced fibers unravel. This can cause the area rug to actual start unravelling, as if it were very old and worn out. This can be even worse if the homeowner needs to scrub the area to remove a spot or stain on the rug.

Looser Weave

Just as rug cleaning products advertised on television can make an area rug’s weave become loose. Looser weaves not only reduce the value of the rug, but can pose a danger as well. When the weave is loose, there is a greater potential for you or a guest to trip and fall. Let’s face it. Nobody wants to damage their own things, or have a possible lawsuit on their hands because of an area rug with a loose weave.

Curled Edges

Believe it or not; there are people out there who bring their area rugs to the Laundromat to wash them! They actually put them into the jumbo machines to wash and dry them. Cleaning the rug in this manner is never a good idea. The fibers can be damaged beyond repair, and the edges will usually curl up. It’s always best to have professionals clean area rugs. There are just too many variables that can cause damage. You should always call Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners when it’s time to have your rugs cleaned.