Smelly Carpets are the Worst

There is nothing worse than going into a relative or friend’s West Palm Beach home and experiencing nasty odors emanating from the wall to wall carpeting. That is, unless those smelly carpets are inside of your own home. Unfortunately, I’m guilty of having smelly carpets, especially in the rainy season. You see, I have 3 Golden Retrievers whom I love dearly however; they love playing outside in the rain. Of course, they love the pool too but when they go swim, they dry off quickly in the sun. They simply can’t dry off when the rain keeps coming down.

The dogs have to come in the house while they’re wet. Naturally, I towel dry them as best as I can, but that really doesn’t do a whole lot of good. They still lie down and roll all over the carpeting in their canine attempts to dry themselves off. Let me tell you, the smell of wet dog is not the way I want my West Palm Beach house to have for my guests, or for me to deal with after a long day at work. Because I try to save money whenever I can, I called a carpet cleaning company that had an ad on Craigslist. They quoted me a ridiculously low price, and I quickly hired them to clean the carpets. I should have known that you get what you pay for because this guy came in with one of those household carpet cleaners that anyone can purchase at Walmart! You can probably guess that the carpets still smelled bad, and didn’t even look like they had been cleaned at all. Obviously, I had wasted my money on a so-called West Palm Beach carpet cleaning company. I gave it a few days and the odors got even worse. Apparently, the machine that they used didn’t put out the vast majority of the water and cleaner. The smell got worse by the hour. I knew that I needed to find a truly, professional carpet cleaning company. After speaking to a few people at work, I called Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners in West Palm Beach. I’m so glad that I did. The carpet cleaners showed up on time, and assured me that they could have my carpeting smelling fresh and looking clean again. They went straight to work, and obviously knew what they were doing because the carpeting looked like new. Better yet, it smelled good too. After the bad experience I had with the Craigslist carpet cleaners, I had to wait a few days to see if the odor came back. They said it wouldn’t and guess what, they were absolutely right. I will never use any carpet cleaners other than Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners for my West Palm Beach home.