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The Dangers of Cleaning Your Own Oriental Rug

Many people in West Palm Beach have Oriental rugs in their homes to add a bit of interest to otherwise plain floors. While having a completely tiled home is easier to clean, it can be quite monotonous from the design aspect. Oriental rugs can give the room a great pop of color, as well as be an interesting piece to discuss with guests. Unfortunately, Oriental rugs do get just as dirty as wall to wall carpeting however; they are significantly more dangerous to clean. Doing it yourself can damage the rug beyond repair.

Identifying the Material

Few of us can look and feel material and immediately be able to determine what it is. Traditionally, Oriental rugs are made from either wool or silk. With that being said, there are less expensive versions that are made from mercerized cotton or synthetic rayon. Knowing which material the rug is made out of is essential to safe rug cleaning. It’s doubtful that you’ll find a label on the rug stating which material was used in its creation. Fortunately, professional cleaners will immediately recognize the material, and know exactly how it should be cleaned.

Determining the Age

Unless you’ve purchased your rug brand new, it can be difficult knowing its age. Since oriental rugs are usually treated like heirlooms, many have been passed down for several generations. Of course, caring for an older, vintage rug is very different than caring for a newer one. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to damage your heirloom, Oriental rug by using the wrong cleaners or cleaning method. A cleaning company that specializes in Oriental rugs is your best bet.

Hand Dyed or Painted

Oriental rugs can either be hand dyed or painted. Naturally, the cheaper rugs can be machine dyed as well. Some cleaning products can remove the dyes or paint because of the harsh chemicals in them. A faded or discolored Oriental rug loses its value. Nobody wants something like that in their homes. Besides, if you damage the rug, your investment of thousands and thousands of dollars simply goes right out the window. It’s safer to use an expert in the area of cleaning Oriental rugs.

Level of Damage

Oriental rugs get dirty as a result of people walking on them, and the dust that is in the cleanest of homes. General dirt isn’t considered damage. Damage is actual stains, tears, or wear on the rug. Believe it or not; trying to clean stains or make repairs yourself could prove to be counterproductive. Oftentimes, the stains will spread or the repairs will look awful. The professionals at Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners know exactly how to handle tough stains and repairs to your Oriental rugs.