The Old Dog and the Carpeting

Our family has had our precious and beloved West Highland White Terrier for nearly fourteen years. She isn’t just a pet; she is truly a big part of our family. My children have not known life without her in the picture.

Speaking of pictures, Snowball is in all of our Christmas card pictures and is an important attendee of all family events. Unfortunately, everything ages and gets old. This is also true with our well-loved Miss Snowball. She’s a little slower when she gets up, and occasionally can’t keep her food down but we still love and adore her. Our Vet says she is not in any pain, so we just love and dote on her now. The other day, Snowball’s bowels were in an uproar. We didn’t change her diet whatsoever, but the Vet said this can happen in older dogs. Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for what I came across throughout the entire house. Miss Snowball had lost control of hew bowels and bladder all over the house. There are no words that I can use to explain the mess that was literally everywhere the dog had access to. Urine and extremely loose fecal matter were in nearly every room of my Fort Lauderdale house. I knew that I could not clean the carpets with products from Publix or Home Depot. I was absolutely certain that I needed to call in expert Fort Lauderdale carpet cleaners. At that point, I was even thinking that professional carpet cleaners would never be able to restore the carpeting to its previous state.

Fort Lauderdale Carpet Cleaners

Believe it or not; I do use the hard copy Yellow Pages book that they drop off every year. I looked under carper cleaners and found the ad for Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners in Fort Lauderdale. I called them and explained my situation. The woman on the phone was very nice and assured me that their team of expert carpet cleaners could take care of my problem quickly and easily. The carpet cleaners showed up at my Fort Lauderdale home on time, which was quite a relief because I wanted this handled as soon as possible. The smell in the house was really, really bad. To be truthful, as tough as my husband portrays himself to be, he has the weakest stomach of anyone that I have ever met in my life. Anyway, the carpet cleaners came, did a complete carpet cleaning with the pet stain removal and pet odor removal and off they went. I am so very pleased with the carpet cleaning services provided by Absolute Best Carpet Cleaners. My Fort Lauderdale home’s carpeting looks and smells fresh again. For those who are interested, Miss Snowball now wears doggy diapers so this problem doesn’t happen again. Kuddos to the Absolute Best Carpet Cleaning crew for saving my home’s carpeting.